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A Skoop of Life is a podcast that features personal stories and spiritual insights by host Sherryl Koop, accompanied by the music of Canadian artists. The podcast is produced by Square One World Media in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A Skoop of Life is available on this website, Spotify, iTunes or Soundcloud.

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What People Are Saying About A Skoop of Life Podcast

We are still catching up! Last night we listened to your episode about how you were in 2 car crashes in 1 hour!  Oh that was awful!!!


I listened to your Special Edition podcast of 'Joy Stories' and it was wonderful!


Started listening to your podcast!  Love the stories and connections!



About Sherryl

Sherryl Koop grew up in a home where both her parents told many stories!  Stories from their childhood, where they grew up, people they met, places they traveled as well as stories to share wisdoms and spiritual insights in a creative way.  Sherryl loves to tell stories and can be quite dramatic when she shares them, however Sherryl also realizes the power of story and how it crosses many barriers that exist in society today.


Sherryl’s many adventures, travels and relationships lend themselves to a plethora of stories waiting to be told.  Through ‘A Skoop of Life’ she has been given the opportunity to share these stories and to tell the greatest story of all – the one where Jesus Christ came to earth to die and rise on behalf of all of us so that we can have a grace filled personal relationship with God.

Just living is telling a story! You're put on this earth to tell that story, to share those stories!

Judith Jamison, Choreographer


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A Skoop of Life is produced by Square One World Media in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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